About me

Hello ! I'm Amirhossein


I'm a web developer, blogger, gamerfrom Tehran, Iran. I'm 30 and It's been about 5 years that I've been programming and my main focus is on Angular and .Net framework.

A little more..

My path to programming was unexpected but joyful. My bachelor's degree is in Aerospace engineering and during my last semesters at university I got a job as a gamer designer at Simulator Developer and at that point, I realized that I do not belong to Aerospace world, so I switched fields and began my journey into web development, also in the meantime I got my Masters in Information Technology - Multimedia. Currently, I'm working in Behsa co as a full-stack web developer.

Currently, I'm living in Tehran, Iran. It's been about two years that I'm married to my beautiful wife, Setareh.

About this website..

This website was built with Angular and Scully. I used amirdaraee heavily as for my theme.

My Stack and Toolbox: